Staff Holiday Planner Software

ScheduleLeave makes booking and managing time off work simple. Get easy-to-use staff holiday planner software and ditch those complicated spreadsheets, paper forms, and emails for approval. Keep track of absences and leave in real-time, make your leave management simple yet effective to plan and predict your employee holidays.

ScheduleLeave - Wallchart to view employee holiday booked

No paper formsNo spreadsheetsAll devices

ScheduleLeave works across all your devices. You can ditch the stacks of paper approval forms and confusing spreadsheets and make use of our simple & intuitive staff holiday planner software and email notifications.

ScheduleLeave - Calendar page to view all leave booked for the year
ScheduleLeave - Wallchart to view employee leave booked

The easy to use digital staff holiday planner used by 100s of businesses

ScheduleLeave - Calendar page to view all holiday booked for the year

Personal Calendars

Staff members each have their own personal calendar, which shows their allowance used & left as well as a summary of their time off for the year. Employees can look back at where they utilised their allowance as well as plan ahead based on their allowance left. The calendar updates instantly whenever a booking is created or cancelled.


Various businesses of all shapes and sizes use our employee holiday booking system to simplify their leave management process to make their company a better place to work

From warehouses, manufacturing, startups, marketing agencies, estate agencies, shops, hairdressers, charities, they all share a common goal, making booking time off easier, faster, and as pain-free as possible.

“We have ditched the manual paper holiday form requests and tracking excel sheets by using ScheduleLeave, making our lives much easier”

IT Manager

“Our employees always struggled to understand our leave policy, with the flexible options in ScheduleLeave, we can easily enforce and manage staff leave without employees trying to book more than their allowance, or when there are clashes with other team members.”

Technical Operations Director

“Booking time off has never been easier!’”

HR Manager

“ScheduleLeave has fantastic reporting built within it, which solves our confusing annual leave booking process end to end for managers and employees alike”


“We no longer trip ourselves up through a confusing booking and approval process, with ScheduleLeave everything has been so fast and simple to set up and get running”


“We love how simple it is to book a holiday request both from desktop or mobile”


ScheduleLeave - Advanced reporting

Advanced reporting and integration

If you’re a manager or work in HR you may be interested in some of the self-reports we offer within the staff holiday planner software. At a quick glance, you can see busy time periods throughout your company year, see what allocation has been consumed/left as well as viewing any potential abuse of leave such as sick leave.


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