Bradford Points Calculator

Use our calculator to find your Bradford Factor score, measure how employee absence is impacting your company

What is the Bradford Factor?

The bradford factor is a simple formula for companies to apply relative weighting to unplanned absences for their employees e.g. Sickness / Childcare / Appointments etc. Bradford Factor supports the main goal of tracking and scoring repeat absences have a greater operational impact than longer-term sick leave.

Within ScheduleLeave, Bradford factor can now be enabled on specific leave types, allowing you to calculate the Bradford points across your users as an admin user. The Bradford factor scores & report can also be turned on for approvers to see the users whom they’re the approver for and individual users can also be permitted to see their own Bradford score on their calendar page.



Absence Count (in the last 52 weeks)

Total Days Absent

Bradford Factor Score



Frequently asked questions

Calculating Bradford’s points is pretty straightforward.
Use its standard formula: S2 x D = B.
S: It is the total number of different leaves an employee has taken.
D: It is the total number of leaves consumed.
B: Bradford Factor score
E.g. If an employee has taken sick leaves for 3 days in 52 weeks, the Bradford factor score would be: (1×1) x 3 = 3. Whereas, if the employee has taken a leave of 10 days ( 5 Sick + 5 Holidays) in 52 weeks, the Bradford Factor score would be: (2×2) x 10 = 40.
It is fast and easy if you have dozens of employees. But doing it for tens of hundreds of employees may take a lot of your precious time.
ScheduleLeave can be a Bradford points calculator for your company—small or big.
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Honestly, there is no ideal figure. But yes, a higher Bradford score is not good news for your company. It means that an employee’s absence is negatively affecting work productivity and may become a potential reason for termination.
Each company can set a unique threshold for its employees. Anything below that value should be a red flag for the management and the employee.

Bradford’s score indicates how much the absence from work of an employee affects the work. You can use the formula ( S2 x D = B) to calculate Bradford points for your staff to determine how crucial they are for organizational success.
However, it is not written in stone. Companies can play around or use multiple tools for the same purpose.
For instance, companies can set a unique set of disciplinary actions for different Bradford points. For instance, a score of 100 or above over the 52 weeks calls for a verbal warning from the HR manager. Some critical employees can have a lower Bradford score set that prevents them from taking frequent leaves in the year.

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