Our Mission

To create a smart, easy to use, feature rich digital solution that makes leave tracking and absence management more efficient and visible for teams and organisations of any size

ScheduleLeave - Advanced reporting

Our Story

As we all know, the management and day-to-day workings relating to leave, holidays and sickness can be a real chore. ScheduleLeave was created to solve these issues, by offering a feature rich application; one which offers a wide range of functionality that other applications won’t or simply can’t provide.

It was originally launched back in February 2019 and already offers more functionality than the majority of similar applications.

As time proceeds, ScheduleLeave aims to be the most feature rich application out there but at the same time, keeping it easy, fast and effective to use.

ScheduleLeave - Calendar page to view all leave booked for the year
ScheduleLeave - Wallchart to view employee leave booked
ScheduleLeave - Works on all devices; desktop, laptop, mobile and tablets

Our Team

The ScheduleLeave team are based in the UK. At it’s core, it’s made up of passionate developers, with a combined experience of 30 years in the software industry. The ScheduleLeave team have the passion and drive to create the most innovative leave management software on the market.

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