Employee Holiday Tracking Software

Save time in not having to manage holiday spreadsheets or manual email approvals for leave with ScheduleLeave's simple yet effective platform to book and track all types of leave and absence within your organisation

ScheduleLeave - Calendar page to view all holiday booked for the year

What for

Track Holidays 

Calling sick, casual, maternity, education, vacation, or any other type. The customizable annual leave tracker allows you to add any new type of leave for your company.

Staff Absence Management

Find out who’s attending, who is not, their reasons, and more. The staff absence tracking software maintains daily attendance records and expedites payrolls.

Manage Team Holidays

Plan team holidays so that project deadlines are met. Easy to apply leaves, quick approvals, multiple approvers, and more.  Saves time in managing team attendance.

Optimal Work Productivity

Absence from the office adds to the loss of working hours. Determine and compare employee holidays per month, quarterly, and throughout the year that impacts work.

ScheduleLeave - Wallchart to view employee holiday booked

Easy To Use Wallchart

Get a clear concise view of all leave booked per month for one or multiple departments.

View your own and other user's leave booked

View all leave booked in the company

Fast booking process

Consolidated My Calendar View

View your leave allowance available, leave history and leave booked or pending approval for the entire year.

Check your existing allowance

View your leave history

View your pending or booked leave

Easy booking process

ScheduleLeave - Calendar page to view all holiday booked for the year
ScheduleLeave - Simple and fast booking and approval process

Simple Booking Process

Quick and simple booking process, book leave in a matter of seconds. The employee holiday tracking software is here to make your life easier than ever before.

Half or whole days supported

Allowance automatically re-calculated

Ability to justify leave

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