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Use our handy leave & holiday allowance entitlement calculator in order to work out a statutory holiday entitlement for an entire year or pro-rata.

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UK Regulations – for the employer

Public or bank holidays

Public or bank holidays cannot be counted towards the statutory entitlement or allocation

Employees Absent During Statutory Leave

Employees must be paid for any period which they are absent if it’s during their statutory leave entitlement

Rounding Up and Down

Holiday & leave entitlement cannot be rounded down, it can only be rounded up

UK Regulations – for staff and employees

UK Statutory Entitlement

Full time workers in the UK are entitled to a minimum of 28 days paid holiday per year. The government refer to this entitlement as "Statutory". Public holidays can be included as part of the 28 days which you are entitled to.

Information for Part Time Workers

Generally if you work fewer than 5 days per week it can be classified as part time. Part time workers are entitled to Statutory leave but it's calculated based on the days or hours worked per week and will be fewer than the full 28 day allowance.

Leaving or Starting Mid-way Through a Working Year

Similar to the part time workers, if you leave or start mid-year, then the allowance is calculated accordingly and will be fewer than the full 28 day entitlement of allowance.

Carrying Over Days or Time Off in Lieu

An employer will usually agree upfront with their staff how many days can be carried over. There isn't however a legal requirement except in the scenario where sickness or maternity prevented the employee from taking their full entitlement, this would permit up to 20 days of the entitlement to be carried over to the next working year.

Leave Allowance Greater than the Statutory Required

Statutory leave entitlement does not cover any additional days the employer may have chosen to provide you in addition to the minimal legal statutory entitlement.

Additional Reading

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