Leave & Absence Management Software

ScheduleLeave is an easy-to-use platform for all types of leave management with advanced configuration options built to provide your company with what it needs.

ScheduleLeave - Calendar page to view all holiday booked for the year

Benefits of SchedueLeave

Manage Annual Leaves

Sick leave, annual holidays, maternity, sabbatical or anything more. The annual leave booking system makes it easy for you to record and track your staff absence from work throughout the year.

Manages Staff Absence

The holiday management software ensures that the work is not affected due to the absence of employees. Plan holidays, apply leaves, get approvals instantly, and so much more.

Calculate Attendance of Every Dept

The staff absence management software allows you to calculate the attendance of every department every single day. Maintaining optimum staffing levels and reduce absenteeism.

Effective Payroll Management

The leave management system simplifies the payroll process and makes salary calculation and disbursement easier. Casual, sick, or anything more. Saves your time and eliminates human errors.

ScheduleLeave - Customisable leave types

Highly Configurable

Wide range of configurable and customisable options to ensure the absence management software meets your business needs.

Set maximum people off at the same time

Set max absence in a single booking

Custom work hours / schedules

Configure leave types

Fast Approval Process

Avoid wasting time on spreadsheets and manual processes by using our quick approval page.

Approve or reject leave

Multiple approvers supported

View leave clashes

ScheduleLeave - Simple and fast booking and approval process
ScheduleLeave - Calendar page to view all holiday booked for the year

Allowance and Lieu Made Simple

Reduce confusion with allowance & lieu with our automatic calculations and carry over.

Setup default allowance & lieu

Lieu automatically carries over

Override department & user allowances

Frequently asked questions

Our clients range from startups, warehouses, manufacturing, marketing agencies, estate agencies, shops, hairdressers to charities and beyond. Easy to install, use and maintain, you do not have to rethink using it for your business.

Take control of staff absence with powerful leave and absence management software—ScheduleLeave— and make effective and efficient employee decisions.

After the completion of the trial period, we will ascertain the number of active users per day. At the end of the month, we will bill you as per the usage. Even if you’ve added extra users during this period, you will only pay for the days they have been active on the system and not the full month.

The charges are £0.90 per active user account per month (excl VAT).

For more information, please refer to the pricing page.

There are no contacts signed. You are billed monthly based on the usage. If you are unhappy, you are free to cancel the account at any time

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