Advanced Reporting

ScheduleLeave provides advanced reporting and intelligence to easily view high and low level detail for your leave management processes. View and predict trends in your busy periods and plan ahead of time

ScheduleLeave - Calendar page to view all holiday booked for the year
ScheduleLeave - Advanced reporting

Predict Busy Booking Periods

Helps to predict the busiest time throughout the year and adjust staffing accordingly.

Find out your busiest leave periods

Filter by departments

Track over time changes in bookings

View User Leave Statistics

Avoid wasting time on spreadsheets and manual processes.

Find individual users

Filter by role/office/department

View statistics on leave types

Sick leave tracking

ScheduleLeave - Advanced reporting
ScheduleLeave - Advanced reporting

Full Booking and Approval Log

View all leave booked, approved and rejected with associated data.

Find individual users

Filter by type

View all approved/rejected leave

Export users and leave history to CSV

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