Digitalisation and technology plays a crucial role in the corporate world, especially in the HR industry. This has essentially been beneficial for startups, SMEs, and large enterprises to overcome the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Managing employees’ leave in any organisation is a challenge without investing in an automated leave management system, and paper forms, excel sheets, and emails further complicate HR management. 

Before you start exploring the popular options for leave management software, read this blog post as we round up the real benefits of the digitalisation of leave management. 

#1 An All-in-One Dashboard

The biggest perk of opting for leave management software is a dedicated all-in-one dashboard/calendar page for each employee. 

The user can quickly access the leave balance left to plan their vacation or future leave better. 

The reporting managers and HR development will have access to the leave balances of every employee. 

#2 Cloud-Based

Another advantage of digitalisation of the leave management process over a traditional mechanism of managing leave is that the former is cloud-based. 

Thus, it means they can access the software anytime and anywhere via a phone, tablet, desktop or laptop device.

This will allow the employees to require leave from their remote location, and they won’t have to run around the managers to get approval for leave booked. 

#3 Seamless Integration

Most leave management systems are integratable with calendars such as Outlook/GCal.

Users can view theirs and other users leave on a centralised calendar feed, if they’re used to looking at their calendar to book in meetings or workshops, they can do so without needing to open up their browser to loading up the software. 

So, when deciding on a leave management system, select one that comes with integration capability with your calendar software.

#4 No Loss of Data

Unfortunate accidents may happen in the office. Laptops containing all the crucial information may suddenly has technical issues, or a liquid spill could happen causing a loss of that device.

To prevent such a thing from happening, it is of great importance that you should go with a leave management system that ensures the data records are safe & secure. 

The leave management software can store the data securely in the cloud, which can be accessed anywhere in the world. So, this will prevent any information from getting lost. 

#5 Reduced Paperwork

The biggest advantage of automation & integration is that it helps in lowering the repetitive work.

The painstaking management of leave through the paperwork will end with the HR leave management system. It puts an end to the use of paper at every step, right from requesting leave, getting approval to maintaining the records. 

Since the data is in the cloud, the information is not printed. Reducing the use of paperwork is the most convenient means to deal with the leave management from the employees’ point of view and is greener for the environment. 

The entire process of leave management is a mere of a few clicks. 

#6 Boosts Compliance

The leave management software will sum up all the planned/unplanned leave with a comprehensive dashboard (a single click). The HR department can access the leave metrics, all in one place, anytime. 

The information will also include data about the employees who abuse the leave policies, underuse their vacation, or do not achieve the desired productivity. 

The dashboard is the best way to post any productivity issues and tackle the problems. 

Let’s Wind Up

With plenty of leave management systems out there, zeroing down on the best one that meets all your organisation’s requirements isn’t a walk in the park. First, check whether the leave management software is compatible with your HR system. Secondly, do check the pricing and not to mention the reputation of the management software before you make the final call. Finally, take up the offer of a free trial where possible.