Yes, the title is justified! The impact of employee absence is the most enormous & non-recoverable cost for your business. But, working strategically can decline the price & rate of employee absence.

The impact of employee absence is often decoded but fails to be understood. 

The best practice is to undertake ‘attendance management’ as opposed to the more negatively sensed ‘sickness absence’, but no matter how we name it, the cost to your lowermost line is staggering when employees are absent for work. 

How Can We Stop This?

The purpose behind managing the attendance should always be to look for the employee to return to work. Having the appropriate techniques in the right software establishment like ScheduleLeave will help to slope down your employee absence for many short-term absence matters. 

Keeping an eye on the short-term absences, targeting those whose absence shows a graph movement and assuring that the accurate documenting and reporting methods are followed can help. 

We all acknowledge that some illness absence is unavoidable, and most employees genuinely take leave which serves a purpose behind it, but merely calling in at a set time and talking to their manager can discourage the employee who doesn’t maintain a good friendship with the Monday.

Scheduleleave: Your Employee Absence Management Partner

Globally, leave & absence costs contribute to nearly 35% of a company’s payroll.

Yes, ScheduleLeave tags as the excellent employee absence management software that aids the pain areas of staffing professionals. Before we unlock the reasoning behind this, let’s comprehend what an absence management system is.

ScheduleLeave is the most acceptable staff absence management software that satisfies securing and functioning with managing leaves. It assists the HR department in accumulating easy-to-use staff holiday planner software and streamlining the usage of the same old tedious spreadsheets, paper forms, and emails for approval. 

ScheduleLeave is the key to tracking absences and leave in real-time, making your leave management a simple yet effective plan and predicting your employee holidays.

How ScheduleLeave Reduces Employee Absence?

Multiple companies fail to adopt absence management systems significantly, which builds a negative impression on the business & employee performance. 

The lack of adequate absence management systems like ScheduleLeave in business influences project deliveries & employee morale negatively. 

An absence management software provides several insightful analytics and reports, enabling HR managers to seamlessly track their employees’ leave. In addition to these features: 

  •     Streamlines the process and addresses an employee’s leave entitlements.
  •     Fosters adequate work allowance while ensuring employees are given required days off for personal matters. 
  •     The software will facilitate employers to operate workloads more effectively while maintaining their workforce.
  •     Assist businesses in becoming more efficient and adequate by keeping track of employees’ leave timetables without human errors.

Why ScheduleLeave? 

Employee Absence

1.    No paper forms, No spreadsheets

ScheduleLeave is a device-friendly application, aiding all human errors that occurred while tracking the employee leave. Channelising the stock of paper approval forms and confusing spreadsheets isn’t your cup of tea, so we help you use our intuitive & straightforward staff holiday planner software and email notifications.

2.    Personal Calendars

Every staff member has their personal calendars, summarising the annual leave allowances used and unused. The calendar updates instantly whenever a booking is created or cancelled. Employees can look back at where they utilised their allowance & plan ahead based on their leave unused.

3.    Advanced Reporting And Integration

If you’re a manager or work in the HR department, you may be interested in some of the advanced reports we deliver within the staff holiday planner software. To help you get a quick glance & see busy time periods throughout your company year, notice what allocation has been consumed/left over, and view any potential abuse of leave, such as sick leave including the bradford factor score.

ScheduleLeave – Your Absence Management Solution Partner!

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