Employees and staff are the heart of any organisation, and managing their leave adequately can determine your organisation’s success and growth. 

Leave management seems to be one of the most significant areas of effort in HR. It is also referred to as time-off management and may be defined as a set of procedures that oversee the application and approval of employee leave within an organisation.

The primary tasks contained within the employee leave management software is directing the application through diverse decision-makers, reporting to the payroll, and communicating with the employee and organisational time-off and attendance records. 

Manual record documentation has now become obsolete. Businesses, big or small, are now transitioning to automated employee absence management systems like ScheduleLeave to remain updated and survive in the modern business market world. 

Receiving feature-rich services for nominal charges enables them to avoid erroneous entries and facilitate various complex HR processes associated with employee leave management. 

In this article, you’ll read about the smart features and benefits that your leave management software shall offer you to make your organisation stand out! 

Benefits That Your Leave Management System Shall Offer You:

Facilitates Employee Satisfaction 

Employees who have a ticket to the employee leave management system can notice their leave balance, approval status, etc. 

They can easily submit/log their leave and propose them for approval to their manager or department approver.

The managers, on the other hand, can efficiently observe everything online and undertake decisions about giving leave following the availability of the employees.

Everything is transparent, and it also stops any delay, which is generated when things are done manually utilising leave application forms or spreadsheets. 

HR can also utilise leave management software like ScheduleLeave to follow employees who haven’t taken leave for a long time. 

They can mentor and guide them to take their assigned leave and ensure work-life balance in their lives. A hassle-free work environment always boosts employee satisfaction.

Minimise Compliance Risks 

A large percentage of compliance troubleshoot issues and earn penalties because of erroneous calculations. 

Leave is a vital part of the payroll and must be calculated correctly. 

Manual calculations only increase risk. An erroneous calculation can be minimised and even sidestepped completely with a good leave and attendance management software like ScheduleLeave. 

Your compliance will never go wrong. However, you will have a ticket to quick reports of any type as required by the employees, whenever required.

HR Data Analytics And Metrics 

Businesses are known to make significant decisions based on the data of the HR department. There are multiple challenges that HR data can help in solving, enclosing headcount, turnover etc. 

HR and absence management software provide detailed data that enables the business and its department to be informed and ultimately take precise and informed decisions based on them when it comes to employee management. Data analytics offer answers to various business-related vital questions.

Data Security

Any organisation holds extensive data of employees who are working or have worked there. Hence, HR databases are prime targets for online hackers. 

Imperative data such as bank details, other personal information, check stubs, etc., are sensitive data that are available in the system if you are using spreadsheets to keep them. 

Employee absence management software has advanced security features such as data encryption and secure authentication to ensure employee details are safe. 

Leave Management Software Features Which Take The Burden Away:

ScheduleLeave offers a myriad of features that will make the leave management system of your organisation easy and effortless. 

  • The absence management system is feature-rich and customisable
  • Fully configurable leave and approval policies
  • Adaptable workflows and simple email alerts
  • The leave cancellation module is available for employees and is aligned with any restrictions / approvals required
  • Rich reporting is available for leave tracking, MIS, and interface to Payroll
  • Employees have access to view their attendance and regularise absences
  • Integration to Outlook / GCal / Slack

Thus, it’s important that you choose an efficient employee absence solution to gain the above-mentioned benefits for your business.