Release 1.2

ScheduleLeave is pleased to announce the release of 1.2


Custom work schedules

The ability to customise working hours and days has now been implemented within the application. This will allow for custom definition of work hours/days to be configured on a department as well as at an individual level. See more here

Editable Work Schedules
PWA (Progressive Web Application)

  • Introduction of features and capabilities to allow for adding the site to your mobile home screen, as well as detection of loss of internet connection.
  • The mobile user interface is greatly improved due to removing the browser UI to provide a full app view of ScheduleLeave from your mobile device.

Mobile PWA Support



  • Bulk upload fixes for the error messages and how to guide
  • Better error handling for the Beacon (The search help guides circle within the application)
  • Admin > User dropdowns limiting the amount of users shown, this is now fixed to show all users
  • Input validation so some numbers cannot exceed more than 365 days when it relates to allocation
  • Input validation to inform the user that their password must be over 10 characters when registering / resetting password
  • Wallchart was showing inactive users, they will now be hidden
  • Better displaying of errors within the entire application
  • Date fix on Wallchart when the month is changed and then the department is changed
  • Wallchart in some cases not showing half days booked correctly
  • Better prevention of booking time off on days you had already booked off previously
  • Booking approval email has been fixed so is no longer being sent on leave types setup as no approval required
  • Admin > User page sorting has been fixed to work in all columns


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