New features & enhancements

Customisable public & bank holidays

A new system has been implemented to allow for customisable public/bank holidays for several countries including:

  • England & Wales (previously the default)
  • Scotland
  • Northern Ireland
  • Ireland

Public Holidays

You can add any of the above public holidays, pick one to be the company default, as well as customise the holidays inside of each to:

  • Edit the name of one of the default public holidays
  • Remove one of the default public holidays so it won’t be shown in the application
  • Add your own fully custom bank holiday days

Customisable Bank Holidays

As well as picking a company default country public holiday list, you can also set up an override on an individual office. This can be useful if you’re company is predominately based in one country but has some satellite offices in other countries.

Customisable Bank Holidays

Strong Customer Authentication changes

As part of the changes being brought in for the SCA on charging payments to cards, we have made some adjustments to the software to allow you to re-authorise the monthly charge in the event your bank requests you do so. You can read more about SCA below:

Bug fixes

  • Bookings – Reason text was losing formatting within the email which gets sent
  • Reporting – User leave stats has been fixed on mobile devices
  • User searches – Search now correctly searches on the first and last name of a user correctly
  • User – Redirect loop now fixed when a user gets deactivated when they were already logged in


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