New features & enhancements

Locked Dates

A new capability has been added which allows for locked time periods, staff leave cannot be booked during the defined dates unless done so by an administrator.

Locked dates for staff leave

Bulk Booking

Staff leave can now be booked in bulk by an admin by role/office/department or by a list of email addresses.

Staff leave bulk booking

User Search

All users within the company are now able to search for other users from any page in the site and view their calendar for any leave or absence booked.

User Search

Navigate Wallchart by month and year

The Wallchart page now allows for faster jumping between months/weeks well into the future or the past via a dropdown. This has especially sped up the mobile experience where the Wallchart is displayed in a week view.

Wallchart navigate via dropdown

Approve page optimisations

The performance of the Approval page has been sped up when the approver had more than 20 items to approve.

Bug fixes

  • Approval – Approved leave in some scenarios doesn’t disappear from the approval page
  • Billing – Invoices which contain diacritical symbols will now work
  • Wallchart – Performance optimisations through reduction of unnecessary loaded content


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