About The Marketing Department

The Marketing Department is a marketing and design agency that has offices in Glasgow and Ayr. They work with companies across the globe, ranging from dynamic startups to large organisations, on branding and rebranding projects, marketing campaigns and digital projects such as websites and eCommerce platforms.

Growing pains and project planning

As The Marketing Department grew and they hired more staff, it became increasingly difficult to keep track of each employee’s holiday entitlement. “Our team doubled in size and it was suddenly quite hard for me to track everyone’s annual leave,” explained Christopher Graham, CEO of The Marketing Department.

The Marketing Department’s original system of booking annual leave required each employee to ask Christopher, in person or via email, for time off. Then, if their dates were approved, they’d be put into the company’s shared calendar.

However, this system meant that, at any given time, he had no idea which employees still had outstanding annual leave – or how much they had left. As The Marketing Department handles a large number of projects at once, this often had an impact on project planning.

“It’s really important that I have a firm grip on who is working and who isn’t given the large number of projects we are working on and the tight deadlines we’re often working to, “ said Christopher.

Staff absence management made simple with ScheduleLeave

Realising absence management software could be a better option, The Marketing Department signed up for ScheduleLeave and saw the benefits immediately, especially when it came to requesting, approving, and tracking annual leave.

As Christopher remarked, “With ScheduleLeave, I can now easily see at a glance what everyone’s plans are for the next few months – a godsend when planning projects and making sure we have the right manpower!”

As CEO, Christopher oversees all the operational aspects of the business and serves as director on each client project. As the process for booking and tracking employee annual leave has been automated with a digital and centralised staff holiday planner, he’s free to focus on the most crucial aspects of his job.

“ScheduleLeave is very easy for everyone in the team to use, “said Christopher, “and the usual headache of working out how much annual leave is left for everyone at the end of the calendar year is a lot less troublesome this time around! Other solutions we looked at were either too complicated or priced excessively.”


If you’d like to see how ScheduleLeave can simplify your company’s annual leave tracking, as well as other aspects of staff absence management, sign up for a free trial.

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