ScheduleLeave scores highly as one of the Best Absence Management software that aids the ache of staffing professionals. Before we unlock the reasoning behind this, let’s comprehend what an absence management system is.

What Is An Absence Management System? 

An absence management system functions to aid the pain areas of staffing professionals by combining strategies, guidelines, procedures, and approaches to decline employee absenteeism. In addition, it also signifies having a system in place to organise and document absences for accurate payroll processing correctly.

In other words, absence management software is an online web-based application that enables HR coordinators to manage the leave taken by employees without involving too much paperwork. This assures minimum time lags in the whole leave management process.

Why Is An Absence Management System Essential?

Globally, leave & absence costs contribute to nearly 35% of a company’s payroll. 

A broad spectrum of companies fails to score absence management systems significantly, which negatively impacts the business & employee performance. The scarcity of absence management systems in business impacts project deliveries & employee morale negatively. 

An absence management software delivers several insightful analytics and reports documentation, permitting HR managers to track their employees’ leave seamlessly. In addition to these features: 

  •     Streamlines the process and addresses an employee’s leave entitlements.
  •     Fosters adequate work allowance while ensuring employees are given required days off for personal matters. 
  •     The software will facilitate employers to operate workloads more effectively while maintaining their workforce.
  •     Assist businesses in becoming more efficient and adequate by keeping track of employees’ leave timetables without human errors.

The knowledge mentioned above insights you to comprehend what is an absence management system and its significance but why is ScheduleLeave is observed as one of the best absence management system remains unlocked.

Let’s comprehend the justification for the same and learn more about ScheduleLeave.  

What Is ScheduleLeave?

ScheduleLeave is an absence management system that completes securing and operating time off work. It helps you accumulate easy-to-use staff holiday planner software and channels those problematised spreadsheets, paper forms, and emails for approval. 

ScheduleLeave is the key to tracking absences and leave in real-time, making your leave management a simple yet effective plan and predicting your employee holidays. 

Attributes of ScheduleLeave

  1. Employee Leave Tracker 
  2. Leave And Absence Management
  3. Advanced Reporting

Employee Leave Tracker  

Engaging with the same-old horrifying holiday spreadsheets or awaiting the manually drafted email leaves for approval is time-consuming. Hence, ScheduleLeave preserves your time & assists you to concentrate on other practical areas. Also, ScheduleLeave’s straightforward yet adequate platform enhances your organisation’s tracing and tracking of leave and absence. 

Leave And Absence Management

ScheduleLeave is an easy-to-use platform enhancing your staffing process & records all sorts of leave management essentials with an advanced configuration option, built to furnish your company with what it needs.

Advanced Reporting

ScheduleLeave delivers state-of-the-art reporting and intelligence to easily view great and low-level detail for your leave management processes. ScheduleLeave also allows you to view and predict trends in your busy periods and plan ahead of time for excellent results. 

Why Choose ScheduleLeave?

No paper forms, No spreadsheets

ScheduleLeave is a device-friendly function, aiding all human errors that occur while tracking the employee leaves. Channelising the stock of paper approval forms and confusing spreadsheets isn’t your cup of tea, so we help you use our intuitive & straightforward staff holiday planner software and email notifications. 

Personal Calendars

Every staff member has their personal calendars, summarising the annual leave allowances used and unused. The calendar updates instantly whenever a booking is created or cancelled. Employees can look back at where they utilised their allowance & plan ahead based on their leave unused.

Advanced Reporting And Integration

If you’re a manager or work in the HR department, you may be interested in some of the self-reports we deliver within the staff holiday planner software. To help you get a quick glance & see busy time periods throughout your company year, notice what allocation has been consumed/left, and view any potential abuse of leave, such as sick leave.

Wrap – Up

If you are an HR Manager, a CEO, or a staffing professional interested in understanding automated leave-related components & comprising good value addition, we got you solved. Our team will be pleased to guide you with appropriate solutions.

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