Free Excel Leave Calendar 2023 - Spreadsheet Template

Free Leave & Holiday Tracker Excel Template

Free Leave & Holiday Tracker Excel Template

Trying to keep track of leave and absences can be very hard to achieve. For this reason, we have created a free Excel leave calendar and tracker template in Excel for 2023 which you can sign-up to download on the right hand side.

  • Track different types of leave
  • Track employee leave allowance and how much they have booked off
  • Exclude weekends and bank holidays from consuming the allowance
  • See how much time each person has had off for each type of leave or absence

Want more functionality and an easier to use leave booking system?


If you want more advanced functionality as shown below, please try out software free for 1 month:

  • Fully self managed
  • Simple approval of bookings
  • Customisable leave types
  • Definable company year
  • Definable allowance for the company, department or users
  • Definable carry over lieu days
  • Automatic lieu carry over to next year’s allowance
  • Integration with Slack, Outlook, Gcal and other calendars
  • Multi-stage approval
  • Email notifications
  • Desktop / Laptop / Tablet and Mobile support