Putting a leave management solution in place should be a key objective for of an HR department, managing leave consumes a lot of time, and even the minutest mistake could prove costly.

Approving leave for reporting managers is a hassle, and the employees also find it frustrating to follow the traditional route of filing a leave application.

Fortunately, we have advanced software such as ScheduleLeave that automates the leave management solution; paper forms and spreadsheet are required. Read on as we learn about the top benefits of investing in a leave management system.

#1 No Data Loss

What is the best way to secure leave management data?

The answer is storing the data on the cloud, and that’s what a leave management solution does. 

A pen-and-paper system with leave data stored in the register can be lost during an office renovation, the receptionist spilling the coffee on it, or someone mistakenly taking it home. The multiple spreadsheets in the computers can easily be overwritten or deleted accidentally. Above all, no one dares to think of manipulating the leave data. 

Thus, storing the leave data in a dedicated leave management system will ensure that it is safe & secure, and there is no chance of it getting lost. 

Make sure you go with software that offers ample cloud storage space if you are a large enterprise. 

#2 Significantly Reduced Paperwork

The power of automation is the education of dull & repetitive tasks. The considerable amount of manual work comes to an end with an efficient leave management system. 

Booking and approving leave can be reduced to a few clicks, without needing to print and sign applications around the company.

Most leave management systems involve applying the leaving with a premade template, and the manager can approve it in one click. 

#3 Transparency With a Dashboard

When all the leave data, both planned & unplanned summed up with a comprehensive dashboard provide the senior authority of the organisation with metrics to track the performance of their team. 

The information includes abusing the company’s leave policy, undressing vacation leave or not putting in the desired productive hours. 

The admin leave management solution dashboard is a powerful means to identify productivity leaks and tackle big problems such as absenteeism. The dashboard, therefore, plays a crucial role in managing annual increments for all the employees. 

#4 Legal Compliance Requirements

When an employee is working five days a week, they are eligible for 28 paid leave annually at a minimum as per the laws in the UK. 

With a leave management solution or system in place, you can educate your employees to exercise their leave rights while your company adheres to legal compliance requirements. This, on the whole, fosters a culture of trust within the workplace. 

Not meeting the UK legal compliance requirements could leave you with serious fines, something that would possibly leave a dent in your company’s image. 

#5 Collaborative Leave Planning

A dedicated leave management solution or system empowers each employee to check his/her leave balances in real-time. They can also check the leave calendar of their team members. 

The information allows employees to proactively plan their leave, and the managers can schedule the shifts accordingly. 

We all see how some employees are pushed to the limits to compensate for their team member’s absence. With collaborative leave planning, no one has to put in extra work hours.

With so many options for leave management systems, picking the right one may seem like a roadblock. However, if you know your end goals and what you want to achieve with automating your organisation’s leave management system, it’s easier to select the software that caters to your needs. 

Ensure the system is user-friendly to use with minimal training required.

Our ScheduleLeave software with a free trial period, and you can opt for it to evaluate its functionality and worth to make a well-informed decision. 

Also, you can check the customer testimonials and ratings for particular software to have a fair idea about its market worth.