Without a doubt, all of us agree to the fact that human resources management plays a crucial role in efficient employee management within the companies. Employees are the backbone of a company. That’s why it is vital to know how to choose absence and leave management software that can ensure seamless employee leave approval and tracking. 

But, above all, one needs to ensure that the software works in the best possible way and eliminates any stress on the company’s human resource department.

It is difficult to calculate each employee’s leave and keep track of their absence without the right tools. In fact, until a few years back, all companies have been accustomed to excel sheets and paper forms to track the time off. 

However, the technological developments have made leave tracking seamless. These advanced technologies allow companies to evolve to become more effective. 

The best part is that these models are specially designed to keep track of employees’ leave. The main aim of this program is to optimise, speed up and simplify human resources.

Why should you use absence and leave management software over excel?

No doubt, excel spreadsheets are still one of the most prominent methods of absence and leave management. However, excel spreadsheets have their limitations. It is entirely manual management. That means, you need to create a spreadsheet and enter all the vital information manually, which takes a lot of human time and effort. 

Additionally, there are potentially more chances of human errors. After all, not everyone is skilled to handle the spreadsheets or entering the data without any chances of errors.  

On the flip side, various software systems have been designed for this function specifically. Some of the perks of the software system are:


One of the major perks of a software system is task automation. It allows you to develop a seamless work process. For instance, the employee’s holiday calendar can be easily updated with the required information, and you can take a glance whenever you want. 

Not just that, the leave management software system will also deduct the employee’s leave automatically so that you can access the leave balance as and when needed. Well, achieving this in excel can be way more daunting than you can imagine it to be.

Saves time and reduces effort

It can be pretty tedious to keep track of absence and leave management software. Typically, employees write emails to their managers requesting their days off. Then, the manager checks the holiday planner on excel and reports back over email. 

The entire process takes a lot of time, and large volumes of one’s inbox are loaded. The task becomes relatively easy with specific management software as it needs minimal human effort. 

Employees can check their leaves through software and request them over the system. The managers can either accept or decline the leaves with a click of a button. Hence, the work becomes hassle-free as there is no need to enter the data manually.

Tips for choosing an absence and leave management software product


While choosing a specific software system, you need to consider if they have a support team to help you while you are stuck. It is stressful to change from one system to another. 

But, the process becomes way more manageable if you have the proper support by your side. So, ensure that your provider takes care of everything from training staff to familiarise them with the software.


Price plays a crucial role when it comes to buying a product. For example, the licences for the software ideally come at a fixed price. But, the software price depends on an array of elements like employees to be managed, type of absences etc. 

Above all, when it comes to choosing the software, you need to ensure that you consider all the features which allow you to automate required tasks.

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