What are leave management solutions? Do we really need one just to manage the leave of the staff? Aren’t manual spreadsheet entries enough to track the staff leave and absence?

These are a few questions that might have popped up in your mind right now. Right?

Employees apply for leave due to various reasons – sickness, maternity, paternity, leisure, etc. Since employees are one of the greatest assets a company owns, it’s not possible to approve all the leave requests. This creates a series of communications related to submission, acceptance, and rejection of the employee leave requests, which must be stored systematically to maintain records of all the communications. This can be termed as leave management.

Previously, companies used to manage these activities through a conventional approach, requiring them to invest a good amount of physical effort. Today, the scenario has been different.

The world is gradually making its shift to absolute digitalisation. Companies are automating their processes to gain real-time information and offer employees a modern place to work at.

Digitisation of the leave management process is one of those steps taken by the companies approaching absolute automation. A modern leave management software links the staff data seamlessly to an automated interface. Thus, offering the HR managers easy accessibility, categorisation, real-time data analysis, and streamline communications.

Online Accessibility

Gone are the days of managing the leave and absence of the employees with piles of paper. This paperwork is not only tedious but also drains the energy and productivity of the HR coordinator.

Plus, the storage and accessibility of these documents can be a daunting task. On the other hand, digital leave management offers better accessibility, flexibility, and efficiency. Pondering upon, how?

By switching to a cloud-based employee leave management solution, companies can store all the leave management related information and employee database in one place. The employees, as well as the HR coordinators, can access the software from multiple devices and perform various actions whenever they want to.

In addition to this, multiple HR team members, as well as employees, can utilise such solutions at the same time, offering great user-friendliness and flexibility.

Better Categorisation 

As a company, you might be offering an assortment of leave to your employees – paid leave, sick leave, maternity leave, paternity leave, casual leave, etc. Hence, proper categorisation of these leave is imperative for a systematic workflow and management.

Such categorisation of the leave structure is challenging through the conventional approach. Employee leave management software like ScheduleLeave offers a highly user-friendly and tabulated interface that enables easy understanding of the leave classifications.

Such structuring allows employees to better understand the available number of leave from each category and the possible impact of applying for leave from a particular category.

Eliminate Human Errors

They say ‘To err is human’, and we can’t agree more. The chances of human errors are always present when there is a maximum dependency on paperwork or manual processing.

When HR coordinators manage the employee leave management activities through paper sheets or computer spreadsheets, it drains their energy and efficiency. This results in more possibilities of human error, and consequently, employee burnout.

The same results will be observed among other employees as well when there is repetitive mistake occurring in the leave management, and they become increasingly frustrated about the way the company handles the leave management.

Streamlined Communications

Transparent communication is one of the most crucial aspects in fostering the relation and bond with the employees. The same might not be possible with the traditional leave management approach. As mentioned earlier, the chances of human error are considerably higher while managing it conventionally.

In contradiction to that, employee leave management software helps in fostering the relationship by enabling transparent leave related communication between both ends. Employees can have access to the HR manager’s or reporting manager’s response to leave application in real-time, as well as access, leave policy announcement updates as and when required. Similarly, HR managers can have a real-time view of employees’ leave balances and other information that can significantly impact the monthly payroll processing.

This results in lesser to no chances of miscommunications, paperwork errors, or any other misunderstanding related to leave policies.

Advanced Reporting and Analysis

Modern employee leave management software solutions not only offer personal calendars but also give access to insightful reports and analysis. These software solutions are tech-savvy enough to provide you timely insights on,

  • The busiest time period in your company- one that experiences maximum leave request
  • Pending leave approval analysis
  • Monthly leave allotment analysis
  • Any possible abuse of leave policies by any division or employee

These advanced reports and analysis help the companies in bettering their leave policies and company culture. Something that’s highly difficult to achieve with manual methodologies.

Convinced with us on investing in an employee leave management software? Start your free trial with us today and experience the best possible way to handle leave management activities.