Employee attrition is a big problem most companies face post-covid, with staff satisfaction being imperative for businesses to retain their employees. A new statement by Industry Analysts indicates three elements that cause internal staff satisfaction: 

  • Effective Leadership
  • Better Work Environment/Culture
  • Future Work Opportunities

The report discovered that 43% of internal workers at staffing firms resigned from their last jobs because of uninspiring or poor leadership and company culture.


Be a leader you would love to follow

Remember to be an effective leader with qualities like transparency and caring/mentoring that will help structure your personal relationship with your staff. Your additional qualities like being fair and honest will enhance your workplace and make your staff lead by example, trust the team, and create a good working environment.”

Work Atmosphere

Poor company culture will seriously have a negative impact on your employees. Your internal staff tend to be taken care of to squeeze better results for the business. The team likes amiable co-workers who always successfully recognise candidates in jobs, correlate with people and have flexibility/autonomy in their workflow.

Staff will be motivated to work in a company that pays attention to their requirements and stands stronger to fulfil them. 

And the most requested or asked requirement is about applying for a leave, which indeed will also come up harming the work culture due to the hectic mode of applying, approving or rejecting leave. 

So, how can you seize control of effective leave tracking so that each employee has the chance to enjoy their leave and not get replaced wrong to complete the task? We got you covered; you can connect to ScheduleLeave. 

Future Work Opportunities

“It’s remarkable that compensation and advantages did not slice high as a driver of staff satisfaction. For the most part, it’s not about money but future opportunities in work. Leadership skill is the leading driver. 

Good leadership gives the team enthusiasm in the company, increasing staff satisfaction and resulting in higher retention. But you are not a leader if you don’t see others’ work growth. Being an effective leader, you should make sure your company should fetch better future opportunities for your employee to retain them for longer. 

How Can You Retain Your Employees to prevent Employee Attrition

Even if your employees value their jobs and are delighted with the people they see every day, they can effortlessly forget that you are a piece of their lives, performing strongly behind the scenes. Numerous modes help nurture faithfulness in your employees, beginning with communication.


Communication acts as one of the best solutions for maintaining employees. There are multiple modes to stay in touch with employees working in your organisation. Weekly newsletters are an excellent method to stay connected but can be impersonal if you don’t converse with your employees. 

Program reminders in your calendar to call employees frequently. When you are visiting clients, make a point of saying hello to employees while you are there. Even surprising them with a box of doughnuts is an excellent way to make employees recall that you are performing behind the scenes on their behalf. 

Incline Salary

Most employees desire to achieve more money for the more extended service they have provided to the company. Suppose you calculate the time and money required to recruit new employees for your staffing projects, including advertising and the time necessary to conduct interviews. 

You may find it feasible to offer loyal employees wage increases for the following tasks. Short-term projects with low margins and high turnover may be good to deliver a lower pay rate with a reward for finished assignments. 

Some companies only attempt to negotiate wages with clients when a satisfactory employee threatens to quit. You can bypass forming this incentive to stop by negotiating wage increases for your best employees before the contract is due for renewal. 

Wrap Up

So, every organisation needs to master the art of employee retention to prevent attrition and to gain better results and improve the fluency of productivity. Tip: retaining your employees can be fueled by a tiny simple addition that is proposing a leave break system to your employees. 

Leave breaks can boost their mood and bring them back more productive. But how can you control and offer the leaves to your employees at once? ScheduleLeave is one of the main ways you can carry on. 

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