Release 1.6

ScheduleLeave is pleased to announce the release of 1.6


Slack integration

You can now setup integration to one or multiple slack channels. A daily summary of leave booked will be sent to your slack channel of choice. You can also define:

  • What time the message gets posted
  • What Role/Office/Department it will post the daily summary of leave for (default all)

Integrations Page

Slack Integration

Multiple approvers and Multi-stage Approval

Up to 3 approvers can now be setup per department to approve leave. In addition to this, Multi-Stage approval can also be enabled. When Multi-Stage approval is enabled, the leave will have to be approved by all approvers in the order they appear within the edit department page within admin. See more

Multiple Approvers on the Department Page


Trial message has been updated

Within admin, when entering the credit card during the trial, the message has been updated to make it clearer that the trial will still continue even though the card has been provided.

Enhanced mobile view on Wallchart

Previously on mobile devices, pictures were not visible for users on the Wallchart. This has since been updated so photos will now appear to enhance the mobile experience.

Help guides now open in a new tab

The help guides link in the top right user menu now opens in a new tab so you don’t lose anything you had on your screen within ScheduleLeave.


  • Admin > Users > Admins can no longer deactivate themselves
  • Admin > Users > Invite option will not be shown if the user has already logged in successfully
  • Admin > Add User – Not picking up company default timezone
  • Admin > Leave Types > You must now enter a Leave Type Name before the Add button can be clicked
  • Admin > Reporting > Booking log has invalid end time shown
  • Admin > Export Data – Help guide not working
  • Admin > Export Data – Spelling mistake fixed
  • Approve > Invalid end time shown in some cases
  • Approver > Can’t book leave for other users who are in the department(s) for which you’re the approver for
  • Wallchart / Calendar – Now shows negative values for allocation if they are over the allocation allowance
  • Booking Leave – Previous message stays when it should be reset
  • Booking Leave – Incorrect date/time format on error messages
  • Cancel Booking > Generic title message now shown in the modal popup when looking at past leave and cancelling to prevent any confusion
  • Cancel Booking > Admins could not cancel their own leave in the past
  • Request approval emails > Not showing when a booking is made up of half days


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