Release 1.5

ScheduleLeave is pleased to announce the release of 1.5


Export data

Within admin, you can now Export Data which includes two types:

  • User Data – which includes data about users
  • Leave Data – which includes data about all historical leave including booked/rejected/pending

Export Data
Timezone support

Timezone support has been implemented and now appears in the following pages:

When changing your timezone, it will convert the times in which leave appears when using the Calendar Feed feature.

Avatar URL

As well as uploading an image file, you will now have the ability to change the image associated with an account in:

  • Account page – so the users can change it themselves
  • Admin > Add/Edit user – so the admin can change it on behalf of the user


Show colliding leave when a booking conflicts

When booking leave, if the leave collides with another booking, it will show the specific conflicts.

Admin – Ability to send invite when adding a single user

When adding a user within admin, there is now the ability to send an invite as soon as the user gets added, as opposed to sending the invite after the account was created manually.

Aria tags added for accessibility

Aria tags are used for various accessibility including screen reader applications. Additional Aria tags have been added to further extend the accessibility of the site.

Better redirects when logging in to original target page

Previously when trying to access a page when you were not logged in, you would be redirected to login and post logging in, you would get sent to the Wallchart page. Now however, you will return to the page which you originally requested.


Forgot password link misaligned

Slight style adjustment on the forgot link.

Reporting help misaligned on mobile

Slight style adjustment for mobile when looking at reporting.

Mobile iOS issues when adding to home screen

Better functionality for iOS Apple devices, when accessing ScheduleLeave from a home screen icon.

Formatting lost on custom work schedule

Some formatting has been lost and now fixed when looking at custom work schedules.

IE11 issues on logout and other pages

In IE11, users could not logout, this has now been fixed. Users also had issues accessing the following pages on IE11

  • Edit company settings
  • Add & edit department
  • Add & edit user
  • Edit account

IE11 incorrect position for “Load More” button on Wallchart

The load more position is now in the correct place on IE11.

Public holidays in incorrect format

The date has been fixed to display in the correct format.

Past payments show when there aren’t any

The heading now longer shows if you do not have any past payments made.

Can’t upload same image twice to a user

If a user needed to re-upload an image with the same name, it would fail. This has now been fixed.

Approval request message not shown in the request emails

The request message now appears in any emails sent to the approvers.


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