New features & enhancements

Part time staff improvements

In this release there are a series of new options to help streamline part-time staff, in particular around their allowance and automatic calculation of allowance.

Turn off public holidays by user

There is a new option to disable public holidays for a particular user, this is particularly useful for part time staff, where you may want to add all public holidays to their allowance, but then work out how many days they are entitled to by number of days worked per week in the custom work schedule.

Public Holidays

Calculate allowance with a users start/end dates set with an override of user allowance

Previously, the start/end dates would reduce the user’s allowance only in the event an override was not set. There is a new option which can be enabled to calculate the user’s allowance even with the override set on their account.

Calculation for start and end dates

Custom work schedule and automatic calculation of allowance

When a custom work schedule is setup, there is now the option to allow the custom work schedule to calculate the allowance which a user has E.g. if a user works 3 days a week then they will get a reduced allowance as they’re working fewer than the standard 5 days.

Work schedule adjust allowance

Locked Dates

Locked dates now show up on the Wallchart and Calendar pages so you can see any dates which are not permitted to be booked prior to booking leave.

Locked dates


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