What is a Staff Holiday Booking System?

The holiday booking system is a method of organising people’s time off work. It allows employers to know which staff members will be absent from work and promotes better planning and resource allocation.

Plus, it offers flexibility to HR managers when it comes to checking staff availabilities for various events. HR managers can effortlessly check whether they have enough staff for corporate events and celebrations like Christmas parties and annual day celebrations.

Employers benefit from using a staff holiday booking system because promotes better planning and also allows them to make sure that there is enough staff cover when they need it most. This can particularly benefit businesses in retail, where significant events such as new year and halloween parties require a lot of staff to be present.

What Are the Different Ways of Using a Employee Holiday Booking System?

There are various ways that a Staff holiday booking system can be used. This includes,

  • Key Dates – when staff will be absent from work, usually at crucial times such as Christmas and Easter Bank Holidays
  • Cover Required – This method involves recording events where cover is needed to ensure enough staff for the event. This method is essential where many people may need to be catered for at once, including Christmas parties or rush-hour traffic at retail parks.

What Are the Limitations of Using a Company Holiday Booking System?

Several limitations should be made clear when using a team or company holiday booking system, particularly to employers who may not be familiar with the system. These include:

Losing Staff: Staff can choose to take their time off whenever they want, so businesses must have enough cover at all times. More staff may need to be employed due to using a holiday booking system, especially when there is a significant event coming up.

Conflict of Interests: Staff and managers may feel the need to take a holiday at the same time of period, creating conflicts and imbalance within the team. Since, everyone can access the holiday booking system, they might coincidently apply for the holiday during the same period of time. This can potentially hamper the ongoing work activities and create a shortage of staff for the particular time; if not managed rightly.

What Are the Key Elements of Using a Leave Management Solution?

There are several key elements that employers should be aware of when using a company holiday booking system. These include:

Contract Documents: These must be signed by managers and countersigned by staff to prove that they have agreed on the amount of time they will be absent from work.

Exceptions: Some businesses may need to make exceptions to their employee holiday booking system and, for example, allow staff to take time off outside of these dates because of a family emergency.

Holiday Request Forms: Different levels of authority within an organisation may have different ways of using the holiday booking system. This can include those who do not have access to the internet having a paper form that they must complete and send in by post or hand to their managers.

Public/Bank Holidays: In some countries, public holidays may be taken as part of the normal time off from work. In the UK, however, it is common for employers to compensate employees for working on a public holiday, affecting the overall number of days that they will be absent at work.

What Makes a Good Employee Holiday Booking System?

A good employee holiday booking system should be simple to use, offer multiple choices, and take advantage of online account access.

What makes a good staff holiday booking system? A reputable company should make it easy for employees to sign up for time off. When companies allow their employees to do this themselves (rather than requiring the input of supervisors or managers), staff will be more likely to go through the steps necessary. A good system will provide employees access to account information in a secure environment to ensure their needs are being met.

A helpful staff holiday booking system will allow employees a high degree of flexibility when they book time off. It should also have several options if they cannot take time off when they want.

For example, systems should allow employees to save vacation days and use them within a certain period of time after the year in which they were earned.

A good company holiday booking system should provide access to time-off requests in the form of an online calendar, which is easily accessible by managers and colleagues alike. Allowing access to holiday plans online ensures greater transparency about what time off has been approved or denied. When managers are able to provide input on vacations, they will be able to give reasons for their decisions.


The holiday staffing system is a solution for businesses of any size. It can be set up in minutes, with no data entry or programming needed, and includes 24/7 customer service support to ensure you have your best staff on deck during the busiest time of year. If this sounds like what your business needs to offer its employees an easy way to book their holiday shifts, contact us today!