Does low employee engagement impact your office?

Then as an employer, you should discover methods to enhance employee engagement in the workplace. You must customise these procedures according to each employee’s requirements and motivations.

Enhancing employee engagement demands outsourcing from management, and a successful engagement approach needs thoughtful planning. 

However, don’t let it deter you; a highly engaged workforce improves your organisation’s profitability, productivity, and retention.

However, there are multiple low employee engagement initiatives that you can enforce immediately to deliver accurate results. 

This article digs into various employee engagement techniques you can execute as quick fixes and long-term tactics to improve employee engagement.

Before we explore the topic, let’s understand what employee engagement is.

What Is Employee Engagement?

Employee engagement is defined as an employee’s level of spirit & commitment to their work. The employees care about their work and the company’s development.

It impacts almost every significant facet of your business, including profitability, revenue, customer experience, employee turnover, etc.

You may believe, “this is awesome, but how can we utilise it to enhance employee engagement in our organisation?”

Well, don’t worry; we have got you covered. 

This article takes a tour through various steps to enrich employee engagement without failing to address the importance of employees. 

Quick Tips To Increase Employee Engagement

Take Mental & Physical Health Care

It isn’t complex for individuals to do their job as the organisation aims to enhance its overall well-being. 

A corporate welfare initiative is a great way to enhance employee engagement, like sponsoring training sessions as a business trip and believing in presenting training grants as a long-term solution to encourage a healthy lifestyle outside the office.

You can deliver meditation lessons and encourage employees to take mental health days when they require to step out of the office and focus on themselves. In addition, stock the kitchen with healthy snacks that feed the staff during a busy day.

Offer Adequate Break Times

You very well know and understand the efforts your employees show up in order to level up the business, so you should also remind and encourage your employees to wave goodbye to their desks and take time off. 

You can let them get up from their desks and stretch every 15 mins. or allow them to spend 10 mins enjoying their cup of coffee or listening to their favourite music because this is an ideal approach that makes them off stress and makes them give little attention to themselves.

An even better approach is to allow them to take time off on the days when the volume of work is lower, or the employee absence rate is lower. 

But how will you or your HR department manage to address all the records or information regarding the same? If you’re still operating on manual data documentation or manually documenting leave entries, it’s your call to switch to smart staff holiday planner software like ScheduleLeave. 

This software is the perfect addition to your company, recording all the employees’ leave and also is the calendar to view on which date who is on leave to balance the workloads. 

Boost Flexibility

Did you know, one of the secrets to boosting employee involvement in the workplace is offering your employees flexibility. This enables your staff to customise their work schedules or their work locations as per their suitable needs. 

Various employers do not trust their employees without watchful eyes. Still, you would be surprised by the fact that giving them flexible hours for working rather than the exact old rigid timings will shape their productivity higher, make them happier and get them more involved in the workplace. 

So, as an employer or an organisation, be ready to offer your employees flexible working hours and watch the magic. 


The point that there is no “secret” to expanding employee engagement is the “secret.” To make your employees’ working hours more adequate and productive, you can just ask them what requires to be changed or enhanced. The answer’s clarity might surprise you. 

We hope these three important tips will assist you in maintaining the engagement and productivity of your employees in your workspace.