There are several crucial attributes in the world of business, and these have their work cut out in bolstering the overall workforce productivity. 

The human resource department’s efficient functioning is imperative to the success of any organisation, be it a startup or a big enterprise. 

Effective HR management ensures that the company is well-staffed, has happy employees, and defined job scope. 

But, one thing many organisations overlook is leave management. 

If you make your employees run around the HR and their reporting manager to get leave approval for an emergency, don’t expect them to put in the effort to achieve your business goals. 

Today, in this article, we will introduce you to a simple & intuitive leave management system, ScheduleLeave, that will improve employee productivity. So, let’s scroll down and learn about the software. 

What is ScheduleLeave?

ScheduleLeave is intelligent staff holiday planner software that digitises the leave records and automates the leave process. 

ScheduleLeave facilitates efficient leave management as you ditch the old-school emails, pen-and-paper and spreadsheets for leave approval. Whether you are running a startup, SME, or a large enterprise, SchedlueLeave is a one-stop solution for absence and leave management. With a dedicated dashboard, the admin can keep a tab on the absences in real-time and strategise future events and policies accordingly. 

How Does ScheduleLeave Improve Employee Productivity?

As the leave management will be automated, the employees will stay up-to-date with their leave status with no human intervention. 

With the employee calendar page, they will know how many eligible leave allowance days are available for them and based on that, they can plan their family holiday. 

The employees don’t have to invest unnecessary time and effort into writing a long email or a pen-and-paper application to their reporting manager. The ScheduleLeave application lets your employees book leave in less than a minute. 

Employees will have increased morale because they know that the leave management system is unbiased, which eventually translates into improved productivity.

ScheduleLeave acts as a bridge between the organisation and its employees; it shows the company values it’s workforce. 

No Abusing of Sick Leave  

Sick leave days are an essential benefit to 9-5 people. However, many organisations unknowingly suffer from sick leave abuse because of a proper leave management system. 

Not only does this contribute to a huge monetary loss to the money, but it also has a negative impact on the entire team.

Now, this brings us to this question, why would any employee abuse their organisation’s sick leave? The answer is, if they identify any flaws in the leave-mechanism of the company, they will take undue advantage of it. They are encouraged to violate the attendance policy. The two most prevalent examples of sick leave abuse is the employee not informing their reporting manager that they will be taking a day off, and secondly, they do not provide any medical certificate.

This is where ScheduleLeave takes centre stage, as it ensures that the HR team has access to the leave data of each employee to understand their leave pattern and identify any abuse, including functionality around the Bradford Factor Score.

Improved Planning for the Employees

With the ScheduleLeave system, the employees will be well-aware of their team members upcoming leave on the Wallchart page.

This will help each one plan their leave accordingly so that there is no loss of work because multiple people within a team are going on leave on the same day.

Also, this makes the approver aware of the extra possibilities that they need to distribute throughout the team, thus helping in better task management. 

Otherwise, with no leave management product in place, one or more employees can be left dissatisfied as they work extra hours in the name of their team member’s absence. 

Some employees misuse their leave, while others are unable to take any advantage of the company’s leave policy. All this can be resolved with ScheduleLeave software, and in the process, enhance the employee experience. 

The Bottom Line

You are not convinced whether ScheduleLeave is beneficial to your organisation? Sign up for a FREE one month trial mode. If you have any queries or doubts, feel free to contact our support team – we assure you a quick response.