With our present circumstances, working from home and remote working has become the new norm, resulting in makeshift, home offices springing up the world over.

For some of us, this is a new experience, and for others, who have some experience with working remotely, this will be the longest amount of time they’ve done it for. In one way or another, we’re all entering uncharted territory together, so in that spirit, here are five tips for productively working from home.

Take care of yourself

Look after the proverbial golden goose by staying on top of your physical wellbeing, which means keeping active and eating well. If you’re an avid gym-goer or runner, for instance, that’s off the table for the moment. However, even if you didn’t have a regular exercise routine, small bursts of activity, such as during your commute or walking around the office – which add up – also aren’t there anymore. Consequently, you find ways to keep your body moving, even if it’s standing up and doing a few simple stretches.

Similarly, it’s all too easy to let your healthy eating habits slip– especially when you feel particularly stressed or isolated. However, sugary, salty, or fatty food, while sublime in the moment, make you feel sluggish and sap your motivation. Instead, swap out the crisps and sweets for fruit, veg and seeds – especially if you’re a grazer.

Carve out time for social interaction

Talking to people every day is huge for your mental wellbeing. All the little interactions you had every day, from conversations with colleagues to simply acknowledging people on your commute have been temporarily taken away, so you have to seek them out. As well as obligatory work discussions, leave room for levity – just having a chat and sharing a few laughs, just like in the office.

Establish a routine

Leaving the house to go to work provided structure, so, now, you have to establish your own routine to create your own. Now, if your managers have provided your team with a daily schedule, so everyone is on the same page and available at the same times – fantastic. On the other hand, if you’re permitted to do your job however you want, provided you deliver, that’s going to require a little more work on your part.

Three key aspects of your day are your morning and evening routines and taking regular breaks. Your morning routine is the series of steps you take from waking up to being at your desk. Conversely, your evening routine is how you wind down for the day: how you switch off. Taking regular breaks, meanwhile, ensures that you’re not seated for long periods of time – which is bad for your health. If you’re aware it’s something you’re bad at, set a 30-minute timer reminding you to stand up and stretch.

Another aspect of remote work and routines, should be to utilise a leave management tool to both track who is off, as well as keeping yourself informed as to who is currently working. When all workers are remote working, this becomes more important as the visibility of who is working is less visible.

Choose a place where you work

If your living space permits it, choose a specific place where you only carry out work. Ideally, this is a specific room but simply having a desk is enough. Working in a particular place puts you in a state where you associate being there with being productive, getting your brain in gear faster. You’ll also be better able to separate between work mode and your free time.

Give yourself a chance to adjust

Whether you’re accustomed to working from home or not, a lot of uncertainty has been thrust upon all of us, so it’s important to give yourself time to adjust. As well as a new way of working, many of us will have to get used to new software, increased responsibilities, things taking longer to complete than they used to, and, crucially, working alone. They’ll be times when you feel particularly frustrated or unmotivated – and that’s fine. Just remember that everyone else is in a similar boat and that we’re all going to find a way to successfully adapt together.