HR personnel tend to have so many functions and responsibilities within an organisation, that they’re often among a company’s busiest employees. Additionally, their role constantly sees them facing unforeseen problems that require an urgent resolution.

However, with the right resources to hand, many of the task your HR team carries out every day can be completed with greater ease and efficiency, the benefits of which will trickle down throughout the whole company. Here are 4 ways that leave management software increases HR productivity:

It streamlines everyday tasks

A centralised leave management system automates so many of the tasks that HR has to perform. For instance, your employees can check if the dates they’d like to take off are actually available before requesting them. This means that HR don’t have to be involved until they find a date they want, which already takes work off their plate. Then, when an employee makes a request, the leave management software will notify the employee’s manager, if necessary, to ask for approval. All that’s left for HR to do is approve the request, at which point, the dates will be confirmed and all the relevant parties are automatically notified.

This approach eliminates paperwork, chains of emails messages, and the need for (potentially) several face-to-face conversations, making things much easier for all involved.

It’s easier to track leave and absence

Leave management software makes it far easier to track every type of absence. This makes it far simpler for HR to determine an employee’s annual leave balance, how many sick days they’ve taken, how much overtime they’ve worked, how much TOIL they’re accrued, etc. This functionality is especially helpful if your company employs a number of part-time or temp workers, as well as if carrying over annual leave into the next year is part of your annual leave policy.

Easier to access relevant information

Leave management software consolidates all the information necessary for HR to do their job. Instead of a series of calendars, documents and spreadsheets, HR personnel can simply access the information they’re looking for via dashboards and customisable reports. With all the information in one place, it’s far easier for them to carry out audits and identify trends among employees.

Better still, a centralised system makes it easier to onboard new employees to your leave management system: They’ll simply be required to log in to one application, instead of having to get to grips with a system encompassing different programs and multiple steps. 


The right leave management software is a significant help in keeping HR’s workload manageable as your company grows. In an outdated system, where HR is responsible for checking dates, obtaining approval from management, and relaying back to employees whether their leave has been approved or denied, HR’s workload can quickly become unwieldy and unmanageable.

Leave management software, on the other hand, scales with your company, as some of HR’s most time-consuming duties are automated. This leaves HR more time to perform their other essential functions such as helping to carry out appraisals and reviews, dealing with disciplinary matters, advising on employee training and development, and other strategic matters within your company.