New features & enhancements

Bulk import leave data

There is a new page which now allows leave to be bulk imported via a CSV file.

Bulk Import Leave

Display working hours when custom work schedules is enabled

The working hours will now be shown in different places in the admin panel, when the custom work schedules is enabled.

Custom Work Schedules
Leave type additional customisation options

Within a leave type, you can now specify if the leave type is:

  • Paid
  • Unpaid
  • Statutory

This appears across the site where you would normally see the leave type name.

Leave Type Customisation

Bulk upload users via CSV

Previously the users could be imported via pasting entries in a text box, this has now been changed to match the new bulk upload of leave, by allowing the users to be imported in a predefined CSV template.

Bug fixes

  • Locked dates – Colour now shows correctly depending on if bookings existed on the locked dates period already
  • Dates – Date format now matches site wide
  • Login – Double clicking on login no longer errors
  • Reporting – Charts now work correctly on IE11
  • Booking – Opening and closing then re-opening a booking no works
  • Mobile – Mobile display issue fixed on login screen
  • Department – Editing Maximum Absence Length (days) in department and putting 0 now functions correctly


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