Leading online Staff Holiday Planner Software For Business – ScheduleLeave has announced that their software has been specifically designed to provide a complete and thorough online staff holiday planner solution.

As we approach the year 2022, we are looking at more and more business owners wanting to gain an edge on their competition. Maybe you are already ahead of the game, but you also want to know how ScheduleLeave can help you stand out from the rest.

ScheduleLeave is already being used by numerous businesses worldwide to help ensure their employees receive a wage when they are on holiday. Implementing this software into your company can leave the pressure of wondering if your employees will come back. It helps you stay compliant with local HR regulations and streamlines your leave management system.

If your company is already using the software, you’ll know full well how it can be of great benefit to you and your business. It’s all about simplicity, security, automation, control, and compliance. It works on any device, so you’ll never miss a minute of information. 

The reason why ScheduleLeave is becoming more and more popular is that it saves companies money in the long term. Once you implement ScheduleLeave into your company, you won’t need to waste time calling up your employees when they are on holiday. All the information is stored in the system; simply give your employees their username and password to login into the software when they are on leave.

ScheduleLeave ensures employees have a smooth transition from work to holiday. Many companies have had problems with their employees turning up late from holiday in the past, and in some cases, this has cost companies a lot of money. But with ScheduleLeave, employees can see exactly how many hours they have left of holiday before they go back to work.

There are a lot of companies who offer a holiday planner, but schedule leave is an online staff holiday planner software that’s 100% secure, and it won’t take long at all. If you want to know how ScheduleLeave can help you gain a competitive edge in 2022, why not sign up today?

No Paper Forms No Spreadsheets All Devices  Accessible

ScheduleLeave is a cloud-based calendar software designed to organise and automate the holiday of staff members. All information is confidential and kept safe with 256-bit encryption. You can access ScheduleLeave anywhere, on any device, including your mobile phone.

Top Benefits of Using ScheduleLeave

  • The main benefits are that you have a secure online system to organise your employees’ holidays, including their absence requests, which means there is no paperwork.
  • ScheduleLeave can help you to improve your company image because not only are they offering employees the chance to take paid leave without the hassle of manual processing, but it also helps with your business relations.
  • If you have a company computer and internet connection, staff can access Scheduleleave from home.
  • ScheduleLeave saves time for employees; you can give your staff their password and login details to access the software while on holiday; this helps them check their hours.
  • ScheduleLeave is easy-to-use calendar software that integrates into existing HR Management systems.
  • Reduce your admin burden to a great extent; ScheduleLeave ensures staff is absent when they should be and helps you minimise the risk of paying for unworked hours.
  • You can see when employees are on holiday, and you can even set your own holiday request notification schedule, which means you can send an email or text message to remind them of their upcoming holiday.

Final Thought

ScheduleLeave is a leading Staff Holiday Planner Software that provides an easy and effective way to manage staff holidays. With the help of this innovative software, you can offer your employees holiday schedules that are customised for their needs. The best part? You will be able to do all of this from one convenient central dashboard! If you’re looking for a cost-effective solution for managing employee leave requests in 2022, ScheduleLeave may have just what you need.