Release 1.4

ScheduleLeave is pleased to announce the release of 1.4



A new reporting capability has been introduced which provides a lot of useful functionality to help view and manage the system which ultimately saves you time.

As part of the reporting changes, ScheduleLeave have introduced the following:

  • Headline Statistics
    • Active users – Users who logged in, in the past month
    • Logins last month – Total logins last month
    • Leave pending approval – How many bookings are pending approval
    • Users without booking – How many users who have not yet booked any leave for your company year
  • Activity Chart – Number of bookings per department per month which can help predict trends
  • User Stats – Each user, with number of bookings for each leave type for your company year. This can help understand who may be booking off too many sick leave days as an example
  • Booking Log – Each booking which has been made, information about each booking and it’s status

Advanced Reporting

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