New features & enhancements

Bradford factor score

Within ScheduleLeave, bradford factor can now be enabled on specific leave types, allowing you to track the bradford scores across your users as an admin user. The bradford factor scores & report can also be turned on for approvers to see the users whom they’re the approver for and individual users can also be permitted to see their own Bradford score on their calendar page.

The bradford factor is a simple formula for companies to apply relative weighting to unplanned absences for their employees e.g. Sickness / Childcare / Appointments etc. Bradford Factor supports the main goal of tracking and scoring repeat absences have a greater operational impact than longer term sick leave.

Within ScheduleLeave’s bradford factor system, it’s built in a way that allows admins (and approvers if permitted) the ability to exclude specific leave booked by an individual, if there is an agreement that there is a valid reason as to why it should be excluded.

If you would like to test how the Bradford Factor score works before enabling it on your site, you can use our calculator.

[Bradford Factor Report]

Bradford factor report

[Bradford Factor Leave Exclusion]

Bradford factor exclude list

[Bradford Factor Calendar Score]

Bradford factor score on calendar

Approver reports

Within ScheduleLeave there are 5 reports, all 5 reports are now available to approver users (previously only available for admins). The approver users will only see information related to the users to whom they’re the approver for.

Approver reports
User account lock after 5 failed login attempts

For enhanced security, user accounts are now locked after 5 failed login attempts. The user accounts which have been locked can be unlocked by the admin user for the company, or by contacting ScheduleLeave support.

Admin > User list active user filter

The admin user page now includes an active/inactive filter to easily see who are the active users.

Faster bulk booking & user adding

Bulk booking and adding new users are now faster when only the Default role/office and department has been configured, by auto-selecting the Default option.

Bulk booking

Payment failed email

Now when a payment fails for the ScheduleLeave service, the primary admin will receive an email informing them what the reason was as to why the paymnt couldn’t be collected.

Bug fixes

  • Mobile – Calendar now shows ‘Next week’ on tooltip when in week view mode
  • Reporting – User leave stats report now shows the correct calculation on certain leave types being booked across 2 business years


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