With smartwatches, smartphones, tablets, laptops and smart TVs it’s very easy to be ‘connected’ 24/7 in this day and age. The problem with being so connected, is it can be difficult to unplug from the digital world. You have likely seen this across the news in various studies that being connected for long periods of time to such devices as well of the lack of exercise as a result, can be harmful for your health.

You may be thinking, that as somebody who is the business owner / director / CEO / HR professional or just somebody who wants to change company culture, what can you do to help with ensuring your employees are not connected for excessive periods of time.

3 Key Steps

Highlight types of unplugging to your employees

  • Not checking emails outside of work hours say in the evenings
  • Not expecting your employees to work on weekends, and if they do, provide appropriate time in lieu
  • Ensuring that during work hours employees don’t sit for excessive periods of time and advise them to introduce some exercise during breaks such as a light walk without their devices
  • Making sure that employees take leave or book holidays to avoid lengthy periods of time without breaks

Communicate with your employees to make sure they actually unplug

  • This can be in a form of a simple response to an email, that it can wait until work hours
  • Try to spot trends with employees working late nights more often than necessary
  • Prevent employees working during their lunch breaks

Remind your employees not to feel bad or guilty about unplugging

  • Explain to your employees about the health benefits of unplugging
  • Promote healthy lunch breaks and encourage activities on lunch breaks


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