Picture This…

You’re an HR manager at an organisation that firmly believes in the conventional work approach over trying modern tools and techniques. A typical day in your life comprises managing multiple employee management responsibilities through piles of paperwork and numerous spreadsheet windows on the computer. Employee leave management is one of such responsibilities that you work through manual entry and record-keeping.

Despite investing ample time and manual effort in managing employee leave management responsibilities, you still find it challenging to have time for other core responsibilities.

While juggling various leave management announcements, updates, approvals, and rejections, you find yourself highly exhausted and unproductive at the end of the day.

Sounds familiar?

Things can be tedious and frustrating when you are stuck with traditional approaches while the world is swiftly marching towards automation. Automation of the leave management process should be a priority for the businesses looking forward to streamlining their employee management activities.

Plus, automating the leave management process can exceptionally enhance employee productivity. Wondering how?

Improve Employee Satisfaction & Engagement

Before the advent of an automated leave management system, filling for leave was a lot of hassle and time consuming. 

It involves paperwork when the employee has to take some time out of their busy schedule to draft a letter to their reporting manager, and thereafter, get it physically signed. 

What’s worse?- employees are required to do face-to-face negotiations, which most employees feel timid of. 

That’s where the employee leave management system comes into the picture. Unlike, traditional methods, it enables employees to apply for leave with just a few clicks. 

Everything is paperless within the system. Meaning, the employee can easily make an online leave request and receive approval without going through face-to-face paperwork.

Moreover, employees can apply for their leave or access the leave announcements/policies anywhere anytime. When applying for leave doesn’t seem like a tedious task, it helps enhance overall employee satisfaction as well as flexibility.

Improved Employee Well-Being & Confidence

If your employee feels that the leave management mechanism is transparent and systematic, they are bound to have more confidence in your employee management process. 

An efficient leave management system ensures that the company is organized and working towards its employees’ well-being. This also fosters the relationship between the employer and the employees as well as trust in the employees. Plus, it contributes to happier employees who are happily ready to go that extra mile for their company. They will be motivated & productive and give the best for your business. 

On the contrary, a poor leave management system will lead to a lack of trust wherein employees dislike the employee management system within the company and begin disliking the culture.

Proper Leave Planning

The advanced leave management system enables employees to check their leave balances in real-time. 

The transparency further leads to proper holiday & leave planning. Employees can effortlessly plan their leave, and managers can keep track of the employees on leave without compromising on transparency between the two. HR coordinators can also well plan the important announcements and amendments, ensuring no other daily work activities are hampered. 

Even the slightest drop in productivity due to the disorganized leave management approach can be eliminated with the effective implementation of manual and holiday planning digital calendars. Your managers will be empowered to ensure that work deadlines and obligations are met and employee leaves don’t get in the way. Something that you always wanted as a company.

In a nutshell, automated leave management will ascertain that none has to put in extra hours because the team’s leaves were not planned or essential leave compliance announcements were not rightly executed. 

Company Adheres to Regulations

Last but not least- timely compliance assurance. An automated leave management solution ensures employers stay fully compliant with labour laws. In the United Kingdom employees are entitled to take 28 days leave in an annual calendar. Any amendments in such laws and regulations need to be immediately announced and reflected in your leave management system. Something that’s difficult to manage with traditional methods!

Even the part-time employees are entitled to leave, and it depends upon the working hours. For instance, an employee who works three days a week can take 16.8 leave days annually. Though, the exact leave allowances differ from company to company.

So, what is the whole point here? By incorporating an automated leave management system, the employees will get all the leave they deserve, instilling trust and respect within the system. 

And, when the employees have full trust in your company, they will be more than willing to work efficiently to ensure that the company succeeds. 

There are several automated leave management systems out there; picking the right one isn’t easy-peasy. It is indispensable to ensure that the LMS you select helps to address all the benefits as mentioned above for productivity.